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 c4307d9e70 To compile onf FreeBSD 6 years ago
doc Added ADD WLAN element for LWAPP mode 6 years ago
src To compile onf FreeBSD 6 years ago
ssl WTP joins now a Cisco vwlc via mod cisco. 8 years ago
tools g removed. 8 years ago
.gitignore local settings excluded 6 years ago
.travis.yml Travis: don't need to build jsmn before 8 years ago
INSTALL Update instructions 8 years ago
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Makefile Checks always for mandatory elements. 8 years ago Added a link. 9 years ago
ac.project new mavl is working now 6 years ago
actube.workspace use defs from keys.h 6 years ago
libcw.project more progress in new ktv storage 6 years ago
mod_capwap.project mtu discovery padding added 6 years ago
mod_capwap80211.project Initial commit 6 years ago
mod_cipwap.project Created project files for CodeLite 6 years ago
mod_cisco.project Cisco works with capwap 6 years ago
mod_fortinet.project Initial commit 6 years ago
wtp.project Some work on wtp and ktv config files 6 years ago


Open Source CAPWAP WLC

Current status: early development.

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