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Open Source CAPWAP WLC + WTP

Current status: development.

See also

What you can do so far ...

Read INSTALL and compile actube.

Then ...

Create certificates:

 cd ssl
 cd ..

Edit src/actube/config.ckv and set your IP in capwap/control-ip-address/address.0

Start actube with some debug options:

 cd src/ac
 ./actube -d std -d mod -d elem\_detail -d elem\_dmp

If you have an AP with IOS 7.3x it should connect. Others might connect, too.

Make sure on the AP you heve made clear capwap private-config.

In another terminal window connect to the RPC interface:

 cd src/ac
 ./act -s

Send some commands to bring up a WLAN:

 list                # list all connected APs
 select <apname>     # set <apname> to the name of AP you want to select
 status 		# show status of selected AP

 # the following sequence activates a WLAN called actube on AP

 load wlan1
 load activate

 status		# This should display now oper status for 
		    # interface 0 enabled

CWAPWAP data layer is still not finished, so you can't use the WLAN