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2200 Commits (5961ebffa3563a991932ed27a2df177edd5c6cb1)

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7u83 5961ebffa3 New files 1 year ago
7u83 b894c00a7e moved local_cfg, remote_cfg ... to cw_ElemData struct 1 year ago
7u83 6ac1c87b2f New files 1 year ago
7u83 dca5d0e371 Cisco msg elem 9 and 81 added 1 year ago
7u83 13b0bf2941 Added more message elements 1 year ago
7u83 91c310b963 Fixed dbg packet len 1 year ago
7u83 3df3e28a2d Added malvl_freeptr again 1 year ago
7u83 84d953b7ed Fixed type 1 year ago
7u83 2408635be6 Direct Sequence Control added 1 year ago
7u83 8d09b1d596 Moved out most ob mavl_ into libmavl. 1 year ago
7u83 1734000f41 Verbosity option V=@ 1 year ago
7u83 6eae39d873 Changed Ciphers 1 year ago
7u83 f8a83ca463 partial conversion to OpenSSL 1.1.1 1 year ago
7u83 ddde491ba8 Use bsd makefiles 1 year ago
7u83 330b8a9d87 Added target dynamic and static 1 year ago
7u83 718dcbd45c bsdmake for cw 1 year ago
7u83 6929741620 For BSDMake 1 year ago
7u83 bef5391c9f chaned 1 year ago
7u83 84f022012e Changed 1 year ago
7u83 dee10595e1 Updated README 1 year ago
root 0f6cfb9eab qos in add wlan element added 4 years ago
root 2a4867af2c Catch profile name and bssid for 7.0 version 4 years ago
root 2ade7f9ecb Added fields for WEP index, and WEP key and WEP encryption flag. 4 years ago
root d58e7375c3 Introduced cisco_add_wlan70 data type 4 years ago
root 8bec394f30 Added reg domain for radio 1 4 years ago
root 10ed1c6c75 conn_send_message basically replaced by cw_send_msg 4 years ago
root 9f41845f67 fixed retransmission 4 years ago
root ef0474f0dd Added new funtion cw_send_msg w/o side effects 4 years ago
root ebda2ed384 Chaned license 4 years ago
root c930068084 Changed date in license 4 years ago
root 2dfbda4395 Changed license 4 years ago
root ab25325e9f Fixed wrong results in cw_get_hdr_fragoffset and cw_get_hdr_fragid 4 years ago
root 725ecd80f7 Fixed headeris which were always 4 bytes too long. 4 years ago
root d69b950242 fixed spelling of some keys 4 years ago
root a033cad0fb Correct naming of elements, Fixe: missing break in switch case 4 years ago
root 1df562385c distingushes radio config v7.0 and 7.3 and 7.5 4 years ago
root ddf7f3fa54 Some stuff to handle v7.0 APs 4 years ago
root b9801df518 Primary discovery added 4 years ago
root 844b6964dc Added stuff for primary discovery 4 years ago
root 01b913496d Uses $(ARCH) defined in ../Config.(default).mak 4 years ago
root 81c7efcd46 Removed crappy project files 4 years ago
root 98cd56e692 Works with BSDmake 4 years ago
root 6591941172 Defines ARCH now. 4 years ago
root fa115a0ad6 actube compiles with bsd makefiles now 4 years ago
root 9a80d871d7 Defaults Config.mak 4 years ago
root 305f6eea2e Switched to Config.default.mak 4 years ago
root b9c64bcf9f Renamed to example.mak 4 years ago
root 1b0bc5b6e2 Config.mak for BSD make 4 years ago
root cefec68c4d Merged trunk with contrib openssl 4 years ago
root a880299f6b Lets join a Cisco 1030 AP with contrib openssl 4 years ago