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7u83 c2cb96e5dc WTP can join and send cfg request 1 year ago
7u83 459e2e2aeb Lots done in move to typeless 1 year ago
7u83 c5e1abb842 Renamed cw_put_msg to cw_assemble_message 1 year ago
7u83 4b5b00009c Renamed struct conn to struct cw_Conn 1 year ago
7u83 b894c00a7e moved local_cfg, remote_cfg ... to cw_ElemData struct 1 year ago
root 9f41845f67 fixed retransmission 4 years ago
root ef0474f0dd Added new funtion cw_send_msg w/o side effects 4 years ago
root ebda2ed384 Chaned license 4 years ago f136a0f401 Compiles w/o warnings with gcc 6 years ago 847781bf7c moved unsied files, compiles w/o waringins with clang 6 years ago b0b08c1f7c Got rid of mbag! Works for mod_capwap and wtp 6 years ago d6133e0434 Some work on wtp and ktv config files 6 years ago fdbfe8af32 sockadd2str is c90 compliant 6 years ago d2d1be3346 changes for actubent - not compiling! 6 years ago bb85f1c371 Renamed CW_FLAGS... -> CAPWAP_FLAGS... 6 years ago cbd513792b wtp 8 years ago 1c656d2fd7 handles now data channel with cisco ap 8 years ago c8829f2c8d conn_send_data_msg. 8 years ago d4ddbc0618 Moved a lot of macros from capwap.h to cw.h 8 years ago 3297370f34 Correct error handling when no message is defined. 8 years ago f4ebe841a5 renamed capwap directory to cw. 8 years ago 4d8664a2eb Removed som old code, more comments ... 9 years ago 7da8df5190 More work on SQL support... 9 years ago 5a71654ebd More WTP work... 9 years ago 3c831ae8b1 Misc ... 9 years ago 73aba62d2b Colored debugging... 9 years ago 1f278d01f3 Renamed cw_log.h log.h 9 years ago 5b51751453 Inital ... 9 years ago