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7u83 65153617b7 A lot of bug fixes and improvments 10 months ago
7u83 4b5b00009c Renamed struct conn to struct cw_Conn 10 months ago 847781bf7c moved unsied files, compiles w/o waringins with clang 5 years ago b0b08c1f7c Got rid of mbag! Works for mod_capwap and wtp 5 years ago fdbfe8af32 sockadd2str is c90 compliant 5 years ago d2d1be3346 changes for actubent - not compiling! 5 years ago f4ebe841a5 renamed capwap directory to cw. 7 years ago 1f278d01f3 Renamed cw_log.h log.h 8 years ago 21f555ab69 Uses dtls_openssl_bio_method() now. 8 years ago 3d01e16682 Uses correct timers. 9 years ago 9ae4867e08 Moved psk stuff to dtls_openssl.c 9 years ago 7fa354d015 Better error message ... 9 years ago 372374a852 Corrected spelling in error message. 9 years ago 6405f7cf0e Code cleanup, timout introduced. 9 years ago 34bf503e7a Some changes, but nothing realy working 9 years ago 17d26eb817 Debugprint removed. 9 years ago 7838f8c244 More error details are displayed now. 9 years ago 525685128e psk callback will not be set if no psk is available. 9 years ago 9d59839548 Removed out-commented code and printfs. 9 years ago 5853b29555 dtls_accept did crash when a ssl error should be displayed. 9 years ago 2bae9358d7 Initial commit 9 years ago