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#include "capwap.h"
#include "dbg.h"
#include "log.h"
int cw_check_missing_mand(struct cw_MsgData *msgdata, mavl_t keys, mavl_t handlers_by_key )
mlistelem_t * elem;
char *mandkey, *result;
mlist_t missing;
int count;
if (msgdata==NULL)
return 0;
missing = mlist_create_conststr();
if (missing==NULL){
cw_log(LOG_ERR, "Can't allocate memory for check of missing mand elems: %s", strerror(errno));
return 0;
mlist_foreach(elem, msgdata->mand_keys){
mandkey = mlistelem_get_str(elem);
result = mavl_get_str(keys,mandkey);
if (result == NULL){
const char * str;
struct cw_ElemHandler search, *result;
str = mlistelem_get_str(elem);
search.key = str;
result = mavl_get(handlers_by_key,&search);
if (result == NULL){
cw_log(LOG_ERR,"Can't find handler for for key %s",str);
else {
cw_dbg(DBG_RFC,"Missing mandatory message element: %s: %d - %s",
str,result->id, result->name);
count = missing->count;
return count;