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* @file
* @brief Implements DTLS BIO read/write functions.
#include <arpa/inet.h>
#include "log.h"
#include "dbg.h"
/*#include "dtls.h"*/
* Reads CAPWAP DTLS data from a connection object.
* @param conn conn object
* @param out where to write data to
* @param maxlen maximum number of bytes to read
* @return the number of bytes read
int dtls_bio_read(struct cw_Conn *conn, char *out, int maxlen)
int ret;
if (conn->dtls_buffer_len == 0) {
int len = conn->recv_packet(conn, conn->dtls_buffer, 4096);
if (len < 4)
return 0;
conn->dtls_buffer_len = len - 4;
conn->dtls_buffer_pos = 4;
if (conn->dtls_buffer_len > maxlen) {
memcpy(out, conn->dtls_buffer + conn->dtls_buffer_pos, maxlen);
conn->dtls_buffer_len -= maxlen;
conn->dtls_buffer_pos += maxlen;
cw_dbg(DBG_DTLS_BIO, "SSL BIO read: (maxlen = %d), read %d, remain %d",
maxlen, maxlen, conn->dtls_buffer_len);
cw_dbg_dmp(DBG_DTLS_BIO_DMP, (uint8_t *) out, maxlen, "Dump...");
return maxlen;
memcpy(out, conn->dtls_buffer + conn->dtls_buffer_pos, conn->dtls_buffer_len);
ret = conn->dtls_buffer_len;
conn->dtls_buffer_len = 0;
cw_dbg(DBG_DTLS_BIO, "SSL BIO read: (maxlen = %d), read %d, remain %d", maxlen,
ret, conn->dtls_buffer_len);
cw_dbg_dmp(DBG_DTLS_BIO_DMP, (uint8_t *) out, ret, "Dump...");
return ret;
* Write DTLS data to a CAPWAP connection.
* @param conn the connection
* @param data data to write
* @param len number of bytes to write
* @return the number of bytes written
int dtls_bio_write(struct cw_Conn *conn, const char *data, int len)
uint8_t buffer[4096];
int rc;
*((uint32_t *) buffer) = htonl(1 << 24);
memcpy(buffer + 4, data, len);
rc = conn->send_packet(conn, buffer, len + 4);
if (rc >= 0)
rc -= 4;
cw_dbg(DBG_DTLS_BIO, "SSL BIO write: %d bytes, wrote=%d, ptr: %p", len, rc, data);
cw_dbg_dmp(DBG_DTLS_BIO_DMP, (uint8_t *) data, len, "Dump ...");
if (rc < 0)
return rc;
return rc;