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root 9a80d871d7 Defaults Config.mak 3 years ago
ac Switched to Config.default.mak 3 years ago
contrib Working on mods... 7 years ago
cw Generates useful error message when bio fails 3 years ago
include Removed g 7 years ago
mod Allows adminstate 5 years ago
nlt Testing ... 7 years ago
webui Webui... 8 years ago
wtp Merge latest changes from trunk 3 years ago
ACConfig.mak Let compile AC under FreeBSD 3 years ago
CWConfig.mak Uses GNUTLS again 3 years ago
Config.default.mak Defaults Config.mak 3 years ago
Defs.mak ARCH variable set correctly 5 years ago
Macros.mak Work on join with DTLS 5 years ago
WtpConfig.mak Switch to LibreSSL 3 years ago