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root 9f68858bfc Uses /bin/sh instead of bash 3 years ago
root f43b88af0a Let compile AC under FreeBSD 3 years ago
root f97a580e54 Switch to LibreSSL 3 years ago
root 143268cbad Changed controller IP 3 years ago
root ca3c172ecc does not connect 3 years ago
root 3526456aa9 Generates useful error message when bio fails 3 years ago
root 2c4151a190 Added pk11-kit, missing pre-requisite 3 years ago
root 004759a4c8 Uses GNUTLS again 3 years ago
root f837f51262 send ssl struct when logging error message 3 years ago
root 25f244a8bd prints txt-parameter in error log message 3 years ago
root 99186fdb82 Uses new anonymous OpenSSL structs 3 years ago
root afd1b7e4ea Updated readme 3 years ago
root fc632de20c Update repository info 3 years ago
root 69746d02cf Added link to fossil repository 3 years ago
root e875f9f7cd Removed ac.project 3 years ago a37caf0ae5 Get it work under FreeBSD 3 years ago b2dcf4e8ee Fixed to let it compile 3 years ago bf7abd2daf Allows adminstate 5 years ago df44708715 questions 5 years ago 59b08b31c0 Counter function 5 years ago 74631d08df Some tests with wlan enable 5 years ago c0dc762b09 More done 5 years ago f9da482f69 Work on shell 5 years ago 127bad2fb5 More work on data packets 5 years ago 1a32efd570 next 5 years ago 09b2c70b95 Cisco AP can connect up to a data channel 5 years ago 1bdaa652a4 Work on Cisco elements 5 years ago dd1d3f4dbc Fixed fragmentation stuff 5 years ago 9d3e24df52 Work on State machine 5 years ago 7d1ef1ff01 Init state machine 5 years ago d1c04bc7fd Work on ac schell 5 years ago 474245812f AC shell 5 years ago 7c81c59b64 More cisco stuff added 5 years ago 07f02708bb Byte valguards fully implemented 5 years ago 33b736852b cisoc hardware info added 5 years ago 1f68439fa7 Byte - in has now valguard 5 years ago 98c682e7e6 Work on val guards 5 years ago 06ff52d5e3 Testing problems with mavl_del 5 years ago 74c96ab343 Cisco WTP can addapt to AC's version 5 years ago d599887e45 fixed coredump with certain handlers 5 years ago 0607147daa Working on differences from 7.3 to 7.5 version 5 years ago 34e2d016fe cisco ap mode and type 5 years ago 03fe8d0da5 ap mode and type 5 years ago d1363a2e14 More Cisco stuff added 5 years ago d316d956f8 2 more cisco message elements added 5 years ago cf991a4b42 More more Cisco elements 5 years ago 80239758e7 cisco stuff 5 years ago fd9f71d99c new functions 5 years ago 3dbca93a88 More Cisco stuff 5 years ago 9dadcc3fd5 save ktvs 5 years ago