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7u83 65153617b7 A lot of bug fixes and improvments 10 months ago
7u83 370942ef7e More work on typeless 10 months ago c0dc762b09 More done 5 years ago d2fe42e686 CW_ROLS... moved to cw.h 5 years ago bbc64dd0a7 Discovery with wait an select ist ready... 5 years ago 00b51bacf9 uses exported cw_Mod struct from dll 5 years ago b668a8f4a9 Work in progress 5 years ago d6133e0434 Some work on wtp and ktv config files 5 years ago 4171d208d0 new mavl is working now 5 years ago d2d1be3346 changes for actubent - not compiling! 5 years ago d53346d250 Mods are detected 5 years ago 6ebf54dbbd Got rid of conn->actions 5 years ago e3b569f13a Mod detection via cw_mod_detect 5 years ago 524b8ed1fd Mod loading new style is working now 5 years ago 7ecca3ef1f Refactoring, work on mod_load 5 years ago bd5f542f41 Added member for dll_handle 5 years ago 6316dd6576 Mor work on dynamic loading of modules 5 years ago dbd934e9fe dynamic linking 5 years ago f95505c0bd rename mod_wtp and mod_ac to cw_Mod 5 years ago 912fe5bafe actions_registered_callback 7 years ago 10a1d05da1 config_init method added. 7 years ago fb74f28756 mod_register_actions now uses parameter mode. 7 years ago be07b0aa0a Improved mod detection, also for bindings. detections are cached. 7 years ago f4ebe841a5 renamed capwap directory to cw. 7 years ago 41265f342a struct mod_wtp defined 7 years ago bbe8b6a424 Cisco detection... 7 years ago a704463acf Work on mods. 7 years ago a7dbeb049a Work on mods. 7 years ago 8b7f56ed38 Working on mods. 7 years ago 82047233c0 Working on mods. 7 years ago b2710dc698 Working on mods... 7 years ago 84dc9b812a Initial commit 7 years ago