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Author SHA1 Message Date b97c8a502e Compilable under FreeBSD 5 years ago bbc64dd0a7 Discovery with wait an select ist ready... 5 years ago b57056b094 Improved doxy documentation 5 years ago 34646183a1 Debugging colored, cool 5 years ago 8d3d8f35f1 Improved debugging and dumping 5 years ago 61183b47ae new logger works now 5 years ago d2d1be3346 changes for actubent - not compiling! 5 years ago ca22c44590 Work on msgset 5 years ago f4ebe841a5 renamed capwap directory to cw. 7 years ago cd59b647cd Colored debugging, some code cleaning. 8 years ago 73aba62d2b Colored debugging... 8 years ago 1e7d8a9cad Introduced colored loggin. 8 years ago 1f278d01f3 Renamed cw_log.h log.h 8 years ago c43f85b2a6 More work on CW VM code .. 8 years ago 0d9a3ad8c7 Digging deepter into VM concepts... 8 years ago 08f7697ccc More Cisco and LWAP specific stuff added. 8 years ago 16fd710394 Shorter names introduced. 8 years ago 177eb36115 Some code re-organisation. 8 years ago 760b929da1 Can now set wtp name. 8 years ago b5bacff6a3 More documentation and Cisco support. 8 years ago f8d42ca207 Moved struct def for dbg strs to header 8 years ago d5b690213e Changed all "old-style" debug calls to new dbg calls. 8 years ago 9ede92569d Renamed DBG_PKT to DBG_PKT_INOUT 8 years ago 571c5b7207 New debug options. 8 years ago ecce99a7d3 Some SSL debug options added 8 years ago 67368a3f4f New dbg feature: DBG_DTLS_BIO 8 years ago cc29bdb2a1 Added DBG_DRV_ERR 9 years ago 502c272965 Added some debug options. 9 years ago f7dbcac0d8 cw_dbg_missing_mand_elems added. 9 years ago a97340b91d Added function cw_dbg_msgelem. 9 years ago 4247737f23 Defined STRCT as alias for RFC 9 years ago 5ab147e01e Fixed ... 9 years ago a620ac24d2 Fixed cw_dbg_is_level (type to level) 9 years ago 7fa0433bf2 Changed variable's naming. 9 years ago d5fbfe4d52 More DBG definitions. 9 years ago 6cedf2ad32 New definition: DBG_DTLS_DETAIL 9 years ago 894fdf0cad Defined more debig types. 9 years ago 790ab6a4c8 Definition for DBG_RFC added. 9 years ago 81a199210a Added DBG_CW_INFO definition. 9 years ago 9925ca8eec Added ASCII option for dumps. 9 years ago 5f5449bb03 cw_log_dbg funtion added. 9 years ago 2bae9358d7 Initial commit 9 years ago