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7u83 459e2e2aeb Lots done in move to typeless 10 months ago
7u83 370942ef7e More work on typeless 10 months ago
7u83 a05bbf5fd6 Renamed KTV to Val. 10 months ago
7u83 7dab041047 Uses msgset.write_header and header_len again. 10 months ago
7u83 b894c00a7e moved local_cfg, remote_cfg ... to cw_ElemData struct 10 months ago f9da482f69 Work on shell 5 years ago 2cc0ca6f17 Work on regulatory domains 5 years ago 7bedc7659b handlers for header_len and write_headr in conn 5 years ago 3ae4f89bea join works 5 years ago 85c11eb0cb new cwkt functions 5 years ago 2adfefefaa jsmn 8 years ago 8ea94c7cf0 Initieal commit. 8 years ago