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7u83 4b5b00009c Renamed struct conn to struct cw_Conn 10 months ago fdbfe8af32 sockadd2str is c90 compliant 5 years ago d2d1be3346 changes for actubent - not compiling! 5 years ago f4f84e7dda Fixed missing include 7 years ago fb160962ef dbgx added. 7 years ago 272bcf0ece Initial commit 7 years ago d0d34deaad Removed some out-commented code, updated license. 7 years ago f4ebe841a5 renamed capwap directory to cw. 7 years ago 1f278d01f3 Renamed cw_log.h log.h 8 years ago d5b690213e Changed all "old-style" debug calls to new dbg calls. 8 years ago 2bae9358d7 Initial commit 9 years ago