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7u83 ee16f3794f Improved debugging 10 months ago 80239758e7 cisco stuff 5 years ago d786fa1928 Added a lot of cisco stuff 5 years ago 36905beefd Configuration Request and Reponse 5 years ago ad07cbcf1c A lot of Cisco stuff added 5 years ago 572e1b6d97 Join to a real vWLC works 5 years ago 3ae4f89bea join works 5 years ago d38cf4a06d Work on Join Response 5 years ago 13fd5bdc27 More Join Message Elements added 5 years ago 651261b6b6 Work on join 5 years ago 54e852c6a1 rename some CW to CAPWAP 5 years ago 3fe12f1a5d elem debug shows value too 5 years ago d4fa4269e7 Some improvements with dbg levels 5 years ago b0b08c1f7c Got rid of mbag! Works for mod_capwap and wtp 5 years ago b668a8f4a9 Work in progress 5 years ago 15cca4e553 more progress in new ktv storage 5 years ago 41688c4e60 mtu discovery padding added 5 years ago 6c38ad4a5d Some CW_.. -> CAPWAP ... renaming 5 years ago 5718781138 New message handler format 5 years ago 94dce70a75 Refactoring ... 5 years ago f866dc6b25 Renamed some CW_... to CAPWAP... 5 years ago d2d1be3346 changes for actubent - not compiling! 5 years ago 8ec78cea1b Work on cs_MsgSet 5 years ago 3f33eda837 More message set work 5 years ago 096672b0aa Some refactoring + introduction of message_sets 5 years ago c2c9087017 Rename some CW_... -> CAPWAP_... names 5 years ago c4f9bca1e6 Added som docs and some messages. 7 years ago 43048d9242 Added ECN_SUPPORT 7 years ago f4ebe841a5 renamed capwap directory to cw. 7 years ago 0b39c92a79 Renamed cw_str to cw_strlist_elem. 8 years ago 6752c884c4 Updated socumentation. 8 years ago 77bbcd8fa4 Suport for capwap local ip address. 8 years ago 2ac7210734 More WTP functions. 8 years ago fdc6b0e4a0 Some work on WTP. 8 years ago c43f85b2a6 More work on CW VM code .. 8 years ago 4c0d06e21d VM 8 years ago 1158167262 More work on CAPWAP VM 8 years ago fcd4b31c85 More work on CAPWAP state machine... 8 years ago 004ab9e610 Message element strings. 8 years ago b63692f46e Morre VM stuff... 8 years ago