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7u83 34ee5537a4 Added some instructions to run AC 7 months ago
7u83 86956ff1ce Fixes for Ubuntu 7 months ago
7u83 815c627e14 Updated 7 months ago
7u83 301298dcdc updated 7 months ago
7u83 d4c80b5ebb Some reverse engenering of elemen 15 7 months ago
7u83 14354039e1 updated install instruction 7 months ago
Tobias Herre~tobias 8ec8df566a Removed from AC some stuff 8 months ago
root 2c4151a190 Added pk11-kit, missing pre-requisite 3 years ago 042d619238 Update instructions 7 years ago fd91dab7d0 Added instructions for FeeBSD 7 years ago 35efcf3781 Enhance documentation 8 years ago 2ac7210734 More WTP functions. 8 years ago
tube@tube-ThinkPad-X100e.(none) 9cd1fce9d0 Inital commit. 9 years ago