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#ifndef __STRLIST_H
#define __STRLIST_H
* @file
* @Header file for strlist functions.
* Key/String pair, used for string tables,
* to display message element names, help texts
* and so on...
struct cw_StrListElem {
int id; /**< ID, an integer value */
const char *str; /**< a pointer to the string */
const char *descr; /**< Description */
typedef struct cw_StrListElem* cw_StrList_t;
/** Stopper, indicates the last element in a strlist */
#define CW_STR_STOP 0xffffffff
extern const char *cw_strlist_get_str(struct cw_StrListElem *s, int id);
extern int cw_strlist_get_id(struct cw_StrListElem *s, const char *str);